FanHalf Playoffs Premiere

FanHalf is proud to launch our exciting variation of Daily Fantasy Sports, and to celebrate our launch we’re staging the FanHalf Playoffs Premiere contest. We’re giving away another Ipad Mini 4!

NBA Conference Semi-Finals

We’ll begin a brand new Playoffs Premiere contest for the entire Conference Semi-Finals round.  We'll continue staging daily Winner-Takes-All contests. Entry fee remains $5, and there’s room for 12 entries per contest.  Limit of one entry per player per contest. 

Same rules apply as those of the previous round:

The Top Six performers in each contest this Round will receive points awarded as follows:

First Place:                       5 points

Second Place:                  3 points

Third Place:                      2 points

Fourth thru Sixth Place: 1 point

The player accumulating the most contest points during the entire Conference Semi-Finals wins an Ipad Mini 4! (Retail Value $399).



  •  All contests in which these points are awarded will be labeled as Playoffs Premiere contests in our Lobby. Should any of these individual contests fill with our designated number of entries, FanHalf reserves the right to stage additional cash contests for that day’s NBA schedule.  However, any additional contests will NOT count towards the IPad Mini 4 contest rankings.
  •  FanHalf requires multiple NBA games to be played on any given night for our contests to stage properly.  This is in accordance with the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, to which we strictly adhere.  This means that FanHalf cannot stage a contest for the final NBA game of the night, nor can we stage a contest on a night in which there is only one NBA game.  (We will have special contests ready for the Conference Finals).
  • In the event that two or more players accumulate the same number of Playoffs Premiere contest points during the  Conference Semi-Finals, FanHalf will award the Ipad Mini4 to the player who has accumulated these points with the fewest number of entries.  If there is still a tie, we will stage a private tie-breaker contest for those players.

  • FanHalf will make final decisions on any contest discrepancies, and reserves the right to remove any player from the contest who is found to have violated contest guidelines.


Any questions?  Please email