How It Works

  1. Find the game from the Lobby that you want to play. Perhaps it’s a game that you plan to watch on TV, or even attend live.

  2. For your selected game, you’ll choose the “Team Perspective” from which you’ll play. This is the Team you follow regularly and feel you know the best.  So if you’re watching a Pistons-Hornets game, and you’re a Hornets fan, you’ll select the appropriate contest for Hornets Fans.  Make sure to hit the Join/ Reserve button in the contest when prompted, and look for the software to confirm that you've "Successfully Joined".  

  3. FanHalf will serve up 6 questions for that game.  The questions are designed to be answered at Halftime of that game, although they can be answered at any time prior.  The first 4 questions will involve players on your favorite team.  The 5th question will involve players on your team’s opponent.  The 6th question will involve players from all other games being played around the league this date.   

  4. The questions are designed to reward your ability to accurately assess how the Second Half of this game will unfold.  Think that your NFL team will decide to “open it up” in the Second Half, yielding more Pass Attempts than normal?   Think your NBA Coach will be forced to sit down your Big Man in the Second Half because of foul trouble, yielding fewer Rebounds for him?  Use your skill in identifying your team’s strengths and weaknesses to make accurate predictions.

  5. You can complete the questions in just a minute or two, or you can take the full 15 minute window of Half-Time.  Final entries must be submitted prior to the start of that game’s Second Half.  Be sure to hit the Update button to lock in your answers.  You can change your answers any time prior to tip-off of the Second Half.  The contest will lock at tip-off of the Second Half.

  6. Sit back, relax, and watch the Second Half.  FanHalf software will compare your answers to the actual game statistics in real-time, and will update all contest scores accordingly.  Just remember that the FINAL Contest Score is not fully tallied until all games in the league this date have concluded.   FanHalf will generate an email notification to all contest winners at the end of the night.

You can play Public contests from the Lobby, or you can create your own Private contests and challenge friends.  Here's how to create a Private contest.
1. Go to My Contests and select the dropdown for Create Contest.
2.  Select the Game and Team Perspective from which you wish to play. Select the team city in Bold to create a contest for that Team Perspective.  So in our Pistons-Hornets example, if you wish to create a Private contest for Hornets fans you'll select the Charlotte button.
3.  Follow the menu to create the Prize Structure, Size, Entry Fee and Visibility for your contest.  
4.  Name your contest, and choose a password.  By hitting Next: Answer Questions you'll trigger the software to automatically create your contest.  
5.  Go to the Invite tab and send an email and/or IM to your friends.  It's "Game On!"
About Our Lobby:
We are currently staging Public contests for all NBA and NFL Teams whose fan bases predominantly reside in States that are open to FanHalf customers.  You are welcome to create Private contests for ANY team as long as you are a resident of a State for which FanHalf accepts customers.
West Coast games:  FanHalf requires that multiple NBA and NFL games are occuring during any individual FanHalf contest. In cases where there is only a single West Coast NBA game being played, FanHalf cannot generate a contest for that game.